Language Courses: Requirements

The courses are open to:

  • IMPRS-TRUST students and spouses
  • MPI-INF, MPI-SWS, M2CI, DFKI, IZFP and CISPA staff and spouses
  • staff of the UdS Computer Science department
  • students majoring in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Computational Linguistics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Security and Privacy, Embedded Systems, Media Informatics / Digital Media Arts, Visual Computing, Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity and students of the joint MSc program in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Erasmus students have to prove that they are majoring in one of the subjects above


  • Students taking the German complete beginners course do not take the placement test. They can directly register for the course via the online registration form.
  • Students who have passed the exam in an IMPRS language course within the last three semesters move on to the next level; they do not take the placement test. They can register for the course online directly. Students who passed their last IMPRS language course more than three semesters ago have to take a placement test to verify their language level.
  • For all other students, the placement test and prior online registration are compulsory!
    The placement test is valid for two semesters. After receiving the results of the placement test, all students need to register for the course via the online registration form.
  • Important: Taking the placement test or having completed an IMPRS language course previously does not guarantee you a place in a course.
  • Students wanting a “Schein” with credit points (CP) must comply with the following:
    • regular attendance and active participation in class (up to 4 absences from lessons may count as excused)
    • completion of homework (you can be excused twice for not having completed the homework)
    • punctuality (tardiness of more than 15 minutes counts as absent; in cases of repeated tardiness, the minutes will be added from lesson to lesson and also count as absent as soon as 30 minutes are exceeded)
    • complete both the written and the oral exam with a passing grade
    • Important: Students are responsible for checking with their examinations office regarding whether or not the credit points can be accepted.
  • The number of credit points depends on the course:
    • A course with 4 lessons per week (meeting twice per week for 1.5 hours or once per week for 3 hours) is worth 6 ungraded CP
    • A course with 2 lessons per week (meeting once per week for 1.5 hours) is worth 3 ungraded CP
    • A three-week intensive course is worth 4 ungraded CP
    • There are no CP awarded for the courses E5, E6, and E7
  • Important:  Students must register online before courses start and be present for the first class in order to secure a place in the course. In addition, they have to provide proof either of university enrollment for the current semester (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung), or of employment with one of the CS-related institutes on campus. The proof of university enrollment has to be uploaded at the time of registration. Employees have to provide their institutional homepage as a reference on the registration form.
  • Students have to register via our online registration form. Registration through the HISPOS system is neither possible nor necessary.


All participants need a course book and workbook. You can either borrow them from the CS library for one semester, or purchase them yourself.

At the end of the semester:

Overview Language Class Structure