Ethics for Nerds: PhD Edition

In order to raise consciousness for ethical issues in computer science research among our doctoral students, we offer a seminar specifically tailored towards PhD students. It teaches theoretical principles and practical application and incorporates discussions. Join us for a thought-provoking seminar that may very well revolutionize your ethical outlook in research – or, at the very least, make crafting your next conference ethics statement a bit more bearable.


The seminar consists of two two-day blocks and is offered on a regular basis in Saarbrücken.

The first two sessions will focus on philosophy and computer ethics, covering a broad range of topics, such as moral theories, the responsibilities of a researcher, the “why” of Explainable AI, the ethics committees at Saarland University, and more . In the third and fourth session, you will be engaging an ethics project where you will alternate between the role of a researcher and that of an ethics-focussed reviewer. The seminar is held by Sarah Sterz in English.

This seminar is not just about learning theories; it’s about applying them to real-world scenarios in research. It’s an opportunity to train the inner ethical compass, think about new ideas, discuss with fellow researchers, and engage with topics outside of the usual academic scope. This is a very important subject for all PhD students in computer science and for their work throughout their careers.

The seminar is open to all of our researchers. There are no prerequisites.


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