Step 1: Giving notice of leaving

If you are staying in accommodation provided by one of the MPIs, then you have to contact the responsible person at the respective MPI to find out what steps you have to take. If you are staying in private accommodation, then you have to follow the steps below:

Read your lease agreement carefully to find out how long before leaving and to whom, you should give notice.
Write a letter of notice to the appropriate person and make sure you have proof of delivering the notice, e.g. their signature.
Find out the exact date that you have to be out of the room or flat.
Arrange a time with the appropriate person to come and view the flat after you have removed all your things. They will then check to make sure that everything is in order, e.g. that nothing is damaged, and then pay your deposit back to you.

Step 2: “Unregister” at town hall

When unregistering at the town, you will receive a letter stating that you are not registered anymore. You need to bring your passport.

Step 3: Close bank account

When you leave Germany, and if you don’t want to use your bank account in Germany anymore, you have to close the account. Otherwise, you will still have to pay the monthly fee.
To close your account you have to go to the bank and take your passport with you.

Step 4: End health insurance

When you are leaving, you should inform your health insurance that you want to end your insurance with them. Ask how far in advance you should give notice.

Step 5: Close electricity and telephone account

When you are leaving, you should close your electricity and telephone accounts. For the telephone account, you have to find out how far in advance you should give notice and then send in a written notice in due time.
To close your electricity account, you have to go to your electricity provider and close your account. You then have to pay any outstanding fees. If your accommodation is provided by one of the MPIs then you don’t have to go to the electricity provider yourself. This is normally done automatically and if there are any electricity fees outstanding, it is deducted from your deposit.