German and English Language Courses in Saarbrücken

All IMPRS-TRUST students can take our German and English courses in Saarbrücken.  These courses have different levels of proficiency and are free of charge for everyone meeting our course requirements.

Please check our Course Requirements.

During the semester, classes take place once or twice a week. Please take a look at the current timetable.

New students can join either a German complete beginners course or a more advanced course in German or English, whereas the latter is only possible if these students take the placement test held at the start of the semester.

In Winter Semester 2020/2021 all of our courses will be offered online. Participants will receive more detailed information after registration for their course.

Registration for Language Courses

You can register for a language course if you:

  • have already received the result of your placement test
  • are qualified for a language course because you passed a previous course
  • want to register for DaF1 (German complete beginners)

Also, check our detailed course requirements.

Registration for Placement Tests

Placement tests serve the purpose of finding the right level language course for each student. They are valid for two semesters. You need to register for a placement test if you:

  • took an placement at MPI-INF test more than 2 semesters ago, or
  • passed an MPI-INF language course more than 3 semesters ago, or
  • have never taken a placement test or language course at MPI-INF.

Students who want to take DaF1 a/b can register for the language course directly. Online registration for language courses will be accessible starting October 29th.

After registering for a placement test, students will be sent the test via e-mail. They then have to complete the test themselves and send them back via e-mail to by October 18th, 2020. Tests received after this deadline cannot be take into account for the courses.


Students will be informed about their test result by e-mail.

Registration Placement Tests